Security Camera System

Bright Guys, LLC has a wide variety of solutions for video surveillance. The two most common types of systems fall into 1 of 2 categories.

IP Camera Systems


IP camera systems are networked based cameras that are each like small computers. Each computer has their own IP address and the cameras are typically run to a server or Network Video Recorder (NVR). These cameras are generally run over ethernet cabling (Cat5e or Cat6) and can be logged into indecently to access a wide range of settings. The benefit of getting an IP camera installation is that the systems are generally very high in resolution, scaleable, and the cameras don't have to be in the same physical location to still communicate with the recording software. IP Camera Systems are generally a good idea for new construction, or situations were high resolution is imperative.


HD-TVI Camera Systems


HD-TVI camera systems are also high resolution (typically 1080p, but can go higher. They have the ability to run over traditional Coax cabling, but still provide a crisp high resolution image. These systems are typically run back to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and the typical sizes are 4, 8, 16, and 32 Channel. These are also scaleable, and recorders can be stacked and viewed with a Video Management Software or VMS. The benefits of and HD-TVI system are the fact that the price point is lower then IP Camera systems, and if you have existing analog wiring in place, it can be utilized for an upgraded security camera system.


Monitored Alarms and Automation

Our Alarm Systems are so easy to use even a young child or elderly person can safely arm and disarm the system with the greatest of ease. We have the perfect system for both commercial and residential applications

Residential Alarms and Automation

One of the popular most Keypad panels that we use is the GC3 by 2GIG. This panel features a large touch screen that is almost the size of an iPad mini and can be easily armed in both "stay" and "away" mode with just 1 touch. The best thing about these alarm systems is that it's not just limited to security. You can turn your entire home into a smart home by integrating your Lighting, Locks, and thermostat into the panel. Now, with just 1 system, you have both a monitored alarm system to keep you security, and a beautiful home automation system that allows you to control your whole home with just your phone app!

Commercial Alarm Monitoring

For large commercial applications, we generally use theĀ Honeywell Vista series Panels. Honeywell is one of the largest manufactures of security products in the world, and we are partnered with them and they're systems group to bring all of their benefits to you in one turnkey solutions.

In House Monitoring

Most alarm companies simply sell your account to a giant corporation and that's the last you see of them. This is not the case with us. Bright Guys, LLC has partnered with a local Central Station based right here in theNorth Dallas area. You get the same rapid response and better service, all at a lower monthly cost.

Access Control

Access Control Systems (also called buzz in systems or card reader systems) are the most secure way of allowing access to a building. The common lock types on our access control systems are Mag Locks and Electronic Strikes. We stick with the highest rated brand on all of our access control systems and use Assa Abloy locking hardware wherever possible.

Card Reader Systems

One of the most common type of devices for access control is the card reader. This allows your to use a proximity card or Fob to gain access to a door. All the schedules, access levels are managed through a free software that comes with your system. Add/Removing cards or users can simply and efficient. If someone loses their card, simply deactivate the card, and life goes on. The days of rekeying locks for every personnel change are behind us.


Keypads and Biometric Readers

If issuing cards is not what you're looking for, there are multiple other options available for our access control systems.

Keypad Entry

Keypad entry systems give the same benefits listed above, but the user chooses or is assigned a code instead of having a card or fob

This has a lower cost of ownership for the entire system. We generally encourage codes to be changed every so often to ensure the security of the system.

Biometric Readers

Biometric readers are perhaps the most secure form of electronic access. You've seen these before in movies and tv shows that show government agencies. The way these readers work is they scan either your finger print, facial features, or even Iris, and authenticate you based on your unique identifying features. Let Bright Guys, LLC give your an access control consultation to secure and simplify your commercial needs.

IT Solutions and Network Installations

At Bright Guys, LLC are technicians and owner have been in the low voltage prewire and structured cabling business even before the conception of Bright Guys. We are your trusted DFW company for Cat5e/Cat6 cabling, Network Installations, Server Room Design and Installations, and even Audio/Video. More information about our Network and IT services can be found at our website Bright Guys IT.. Give us a call today at 512-554-9066 and we'll schedule a consultation and walkthrough for you.

Audio Video & Home Theater

Some of our above services outline security that you need. What about the things you want? Bright Guys, LLC has all the solutions to turn that spare room into a Media Room so that you can watch movies and games in style. We also design and install whole house speaker systems. All of this can be controlled, from you guess it, your smartphone! We have partnered with Onkyo and Russound to bring you the latest technologies in Audio/Video solutions.

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